Thursday, February 19, 2009


I think that the peanuts and the departments vending machine are meeting weekly to plot my demise.  (Maybe it's not as likely as ninja monkey's, but everybody knows peanuts are wicked evil).  I've generally ignored the peanut recall because I don't have cupboards full of peanut products at home and I assume that anything on the shelf at the grocery store is safe, but vending machines?  can we really trust them?  It wouldn't have been a problem except for that fact that our departments vending machine is old and poorly maintained so most of the letters and numbers identifying the row your snack-product-of-choice occupies have fallen off.  It's embarrassing to admit how often I eat from the machine, let alone how many times I counted rows incorrectly and ended up with stale granola instead of m&m's or Nutter Butters instead of grandmas cookies.  Luckily a quick internet search left me with the reassuring knowledge that the cookies shouldn't kill me (this time).  I always knew the peanuts had it out for us, but now they've recruited the vending machines.  The world really is a cruel place when I have to google my snack food for safety before eating it.

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