Wednesday, March 12, 2008

While other people are starting families.....

We are starting thesis projects.
I recently found out that my closest friend from high school (who is happy, well educated, and successful) is having a baby.  And it just got me thinking.  So many graduate students I know seem to have that part of their life on hold.  We spend some prime dating, marrying, procreating years attending classes, conducting research, and publishing papers.

There are exceptions to the rule (I got married quite young for example, so have had a loving and dependable spouse throughout my "adult" life) I know other students who have young children when they return to graduate school, and still others who start families during graduate school.  But their is a large number of us that seem to have that part of the brain switched off.  The idea of a family doesn't even seem comprehensible to many of us, and I can't help but wonder if that instinct will ever be switched back on.  

Will there be this large group of socially repressed, childless, but brilliant scientists solving the worlds problems in a few years?  I guess lately part of me has felt like instead of moving forward by leaving a career for grad-school I've some how regressed.   Apparently most people would say the is something wrong with you for enjoying an evening spent with your laptop and a pint of beer.

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